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Innovation categories

1. Innovation of the Year
This is a wide-ranging category that seeks to reward lateral thought and technical excellence in creating an outstanding product or service that has the potential to revolutionise an industry or way of life. Entries will have to demonstrate the use of technology to overcome a defined problem, and show that it has, or can make, a significant positive impact. Enter here
2018 winner: Darktrace

2. Cloud Innovation of the Year
The Cloud has had a profound influence upon the way that services can be supplied and data stored, but its potential has not yet been fully realised, and this category seeks to identify the outstanding advances made in the areas of the Cloud, whether this is in terms of security or flexibility. Enter here
2018 winner: Yodel Delivery Network 

3. Security Innovation of the Year
Threats to business operations and personal data are becoming ever more common and complex, and the ways in which security products have had to respond mean that there is a need for constantly evolving technology innovations to keep users safe. This category considers the best overall solutions. Enter here
2018 winner: ACI Worldwide

4. Mobile Innovation of the Year
Whether using mobile applications for banking or travel, paying via your phone or consuming content, the mobile device is now an essential part of the vast majority of people’s lives. This category is for those innovations which push the boundaries of mobile. Enter here
2018 winner: Gatwick Airport 

Project categories

5. IoT Project of the Year
The Internet of Things brings together a range of connected physical devices with automated systems. A relatively new area, the judges are looking for revolutionary technologies that can provide real benefits. Enter here
2018 winner: The AA

6. RegTech Project of the Year - NEW CATEGORY
This category awards the company making greatest strides forward in this rapidly emerging industry. Judges want to see regulatory technology solutions that solve genuine compliance problems for companies of varying sizes and across different industries. There must be demonstrable innovation and practical application, preferably with results from successful projects. Enter here 

7. Analytics Project of the Year
Analytics or ‘Big Data’ projects that have had a major impact are welcomed here. The impact will be determined relative to the size of the issue rather than in absolute terms, but in all cases the entry should outline an issue that was solved, or discovered, by use of data and how it was successfully resolved. Enter here
2018 winner: Vocalink Analytics

8. Best Public Sector Project
Technology can be a good public servant, and from local information to council services, the public sector has embraced the way in which technology can advance services and increase efficiencies. We are looking for one project that exemplifies how innovation and technology can help drive public services. Enter here
2018 winner: DWP Digital - Searchlight 

9. Best Enterprise Project
The judges are looking for outstanding examples of how technology has been harnessed to solve enterprise wide issues. From banking to retail, broadcast to manufacturing, the winning entry will need to combine insight and implementation of technology to the highest standards. Enter here
2018 winner: Zoot Enterprises 

Companies and people

10. Startup Tech Company of the Year
This category is designed for new companies that are creating pioneering technologies. To be eligible the company must have been founded a maximum of 5 years from the date of the awards, and be offering a new slant on an existing technology or innovating new technologies. Enter here
2018 winner: Luminance 

11. Tech Growth Business of the Year
For companies that are no longer startups, but are in full growth mode. We are looking for companies that have overcome their initial funding barriers and are expanding by virtue of excellent service, products and insight. Entries will need to be over 3 years old and have evidence of increasing turnover. Enter here
2018 winner: JustPark

12. Best Tech Place to Work
We are looking for companies that help their staff thrive – not just in terms of creating an effective technology workforce, but also in wider areas, such as supporting external activities and communities. Examples could be in retention, training and the opportunities that staff are given, as well as satisfaction. Enter here
2018 winner: Blue Logic

13. Technology for Good Award - NEW CATEGORY
This award honours those individuals and organisations using technology to improve the lives of others and the world around us. It recognises corporate social responsibility and charity work that is driven or implemented using pioneering digital techniques. Entries will be judged on their effectiveness, innovation and overall commitment to doing good. Enter here

14. Tech Team of the Year
A team that has identified an issue or been given a project, then used the resources of the team to create, and implement, a solution with outstanding results for the sponsor. The team need not be in-house, but the solution must be to an issue that can be defined and have tangible outcomes. Enter here
2018 winner: Imagination Technologies

15. Tech Company of the Year
A company that has identified a problem, market gap or innovation and created an effective and successful solution in products or services. Entries can be wholly new solutions or significant evolutions or developments. Enter here
2018 winner: Plessey Semiconductors

16. Tech Investment Award
Technology does not survive in a vacuum – it requires funding and support, and this award looks to reward investors that have backed a project, or collection of projects, with commitment and vision, resulting in the new products or services being available. Enter here
2018 winner: Microgaming

17. Outsourcing Company of the Year
For companies that can really act as partners, providing support and advice as much as talking over the functions of the infrastructure. We will be looking at more outsourcing companies that can really add value as well as being a safe haven. Enter here
2018 winner: Agilitas IT Solutions

18. Reseller of the Year
Judges will be looking for a company that goes well beyond a transactional business, and is a real partner in terms of technology services and purchasing provisions. A submission would be greatly enhanced by testimonial from client companies and a clear outline of the services offered that make the nominee a truly effective provider. Enter here
2018 winner: Kingsfield Computer Products

Product categories

19. Analytics Product of the Year
Data might be getting bigger, but to make sense of it there has to be outstanding analytics, so this category welcomes nominations for analytics programmes and systems that can deliver real business intelligence, with proven results. Enter here
2018 winner: Synectics Solutions 

20. Security Product of the Year
In this category the judges are seeking a widely available product that has a proven track record of preventing attack and infiltration to corporate or consumers systems. Entries must be available to a range of businesses or consumers as a standalone product. Enter here
2018 winner: N2W Software 

21. Cloud Product of the Year
For Cloud-based solutions, whether storage or platforms, provision or services. This is an open category for consumer or corporate solutions, or those that appeal to either market. Examples range from webmail and file sharing to complex and specialised programmes hosted on the Cloud. Enter here
2018 winner: Zizo Software

22. Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year
This category is for products that are game-changers for the corporate world and can honestly claim to be capable of creating major impacts on the way that enterprises do business. These may be evolutions or wholly new ideas, but they must have a definite corporate application. Enter here
2018 winner: CloudApps

23. Consumer Product of the Year
This award recognises consumer focussed products that harness technology to create major new goods or services – examples could be streaming, gaming, automotive technology, IoT or mobile communications. Enter here
2018 winner: Sparrho 

24. VR Product of the Year
Virtual reality is a new frontier – the uses of which include, but can go well beyond, gaming and into medicine and manufacturing. This is a category to herald the arrival of this versatile new technology and demonstrate its practical uses. Enter here
2018 winner: ZeroLight

Sector specific solutions

25. Gaming Technology of the Year 
Gaming is one of the fastest moving areas in consumer entertainment with technological advances creating ever more immersive experiences. This award reflects the innovation that drives the industry, rewarding new approaches and disruptive technologies. Enter here 

26. Smart Home Solution of the Year
A category that should attract the best in creating connected homes and smart cities, using seamless integration to make devices work effectively together. The winner will need to demonstrate a solution that moves the benchmark forward through innovation, ease of use and implementation. Enter here

27. Healthcare Technology of the Year
Advances in technology have contributed to seismic changes in the healthcare sector, including helping to boost life expectancies and cure or treat diseases. This category rewards technologies which have made a real impact, no matter how large or small, to people’s lives. Enter here
2018 winner: Medopad

28. Transport Technology of the Year
Delivery drones, smart telematics, driverless cars and ticketless barriers are all part of the modern transport infrastructure. This category wants to reward the most compelling technologies that herald a change in the way that people and goods can safely be conveyed over distance. Enter here
2018 winner: Unmanned Life 

29. Manufacturing or Construction Technology of the Year
Technology has had a major impact on how things are made and buildings constructed, from robotics to 3D printing. This category seeks to shine a spotlight on the technologies that have helped create more efficient manufacturing or construction processes. Enter here
2018 winner: Lucas 

30. TV, Film and Broadcasting Technology of the Year
50 years ago colour TV was introduced to the UK for the first time. Since then technology has driven how and when we consume TV and film, from ultra-high definition equipment to increasingly realistic special effects. This category rewards those who have utilised technology to change the entertainment landscape. Enter here
2018 winner: YouView 

31. Finance Technology of the Year
FinTech is only a buzzword, but the technologies that drive finance and payments are revolutionising trading – from shopkeeper to consumers, international finance to home insurance and digital banking to personal finance management. This category seeks to reward technology that is making finance easier and more efficient for all. Enter here
2018 winner: Seedrs 

32. Retailing Technology of the Year
From interactive in-store signage to mobile shopping, the ways in which shoppers can acquire knowledge and goods is changing. In a very diverse category, the emphasis will be on how the technology can help retailers and consumers create a better, more efficient relationship. Enter here
2018 winner: Henderson Technology

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