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Innovation categories

1. Innovation of the Year
This is a wide-ranging category that seeks to reward lateral thought and technical excellence in creating an outstanding product or service that has the potential to revolutionise an industry or way of life. Entries will have to demonstrate the use of technology to overcome a defined problem, and show that it has, or can make, a significant positive impact. Enter here
2020 winner: Adapttech

2. Cloud Innovation of the Year
This category seeks to identify outstanding advances made in cloud products and services, whether this is in terms of security, flexibility, implementation or maintenance. The judges will be looking for demonstrable evidence of new and unique work. Enter here
2020 winner: Equinix

3. Security Innovation of the Year
Security threats to business operations and personal data are becoming ever more common and complex, and the ways in which security products have had to respond mean that there is a need for constantly-evolving technology innovations to keep users and systems safe. This category considers the best overall solutions. Enter here
2020 winner: Jumio

4. Mobile Innovation of the Year
Whether using mobile applications for banking or travel, paying via your phone or consuming content, mobile devices are now an essential part of the vast majority of people’s lives. This category is for those innovations which push the boundaries of mobile. Enter here
2020 winner: SecureMe

Project categories

5. Internet of Things Project of the Year
The Internet of Things brings together a range of connected physical devices with automated systems. Judges are looking for revolutionary technologies that can provide real benefits, be that in terms of smart home tech, in-vehicle additions, smart city developments or wearable tech. Enter here
2020 winner: London Ambulance Service

6. RegTech Project of the Year
This category awards the company making greatest strides forward in this rapidly-emerging industry. Judges want to see regulatory technology solutions that solve genuine compliance problems for companies of varying sizes and across different industries. There must be demonstrable innovation and practical application, preferably with results from successful projects. Enter here
2020 winner: Acin

7. Analytics Project of the Year
Analytics or Big Data projects that have had a major impact are welcomed here. The impact will be determined relative to the size of the issue rather than in absolute terms, but in all cases the entry should outline an issue that was solved, or discovered, by use of data and how it was successfully resolved. Enter here
2020 winner: Barclays Payments

8. Best Public Sector Project
Technology can be a good public servant, and from national government departments to local council units, the public sector has embraced the way in which technology can advance services and increase efficiencies. We are looking for one project that exemplifies how innovation and technology can help make public services better for the end user. Enter here
2020 winner: Home Office

9. Best Enterprise Tech Project
The judges are looking for outstanding examples of how technology has been harnessed to solve enterprise wide issues. From banking to retail, broadcast to manufacturing, the winning entry will need to combine insight and implementation of tech - whether that be hardware or software - to the highest standards. Enter here
2020 winner: Yourkeys

Companies and people

10. Startup Tech Company of the Year
This category is designed for new companies that are creating pioneering technologies. To be eligible the company must have been founded a maximum of five years from the date of the awards, and be offering a new slant on an existing technology or innovating new products or services. Enter here
2020 winner: Tradeteq

11. Tech Growth Business of the Year
For companies that are no longer startups, but are in full growth mode. We are looking for scale-up businesses that have overcome their initial funding barriers and are expanding by virtue of excellent service, products and insight. Entries will need to be over three years old and have evidence of increasing turnover. Enter here
2020 winner: Astound Commerce UK

12. Best Tech Place to Work
We are looking for companies that help their staff thrive – not just in terms of creating an effective technology workforce, but also in wider areas, such as supporting external activities and communities. Examples could be in retention, training and the opportunities that staff are given, as well as satisfaction. Enter here
2020 winner: Confused.com

13. Tech for Good Award
This award honours those individuals and organisations using technology to improve the lives of others and the world around us. It recognises corporate social responsibility, charity work or green and sustainability initiatives that are driven or implemented using pioneering digital techniques. Entries will be judged on their effectiveness, innovation and overall commitment to doing good. Enter here
2020 winner: Co-op

14. Tech Team of the Year
A team that has identified an issue or been given a tech project, then used the resources of the team to create, and implement, a solution with outstanding results for the sponsor. The team need not be in-house, but the solution must be to an issue that can be defined and have tangible outcomes. Enter here

15. Tech Company of the Year
A company that has identified a problem, market gap or innovation and created an effective and successful solution in the form of products or services. Entries can be wholly new solutions or significant developments. Enter here
2019 winner: Octopus Energy

16. Tech Deal of the Year
Technology does not survive in a vacuum – it requires funding and support, and this award looks to reward investors that have backed a project, or collection of projects, with commitment and vision, resulting in the new products or services being available. Judges are looking for not just the biggest cash value, but the most creative use of capital or mechanism for funding. Enter here
2020 winner: Ultraleap

17. Outsourcing Company of the Year
For companies that can really act as partners, providing support and advice as much as talking over the functions of the infrastructure. We will be looking for third party providers that can really add value as well as being a safe haven. Enter here
2020 winner: T-Tech

18. Data-driven Product of the Year - NEW FOR 2021
While almost all entries are data-driven in some way, this category is looking for products that process raw data and turn it into actionable insight, driving better personalisation for existing customers and attracting new ones with market-leading performance. Judges will be looking for demonstrations of exactly how data is analysed and used, preferably with customer statistics. Enter here

Product categories

19. Artificial intelligence Solution of the Year
This category rewards companies making use of machine learning and algorithms to leverage and monetise data assets. Judges are looking for detailed information on how AI has been practically deployed to turn raw data into useful insights for clients or customers. Enter here
Winner: Moogsoft

20. Cyber Security Solution of the Year
In this category the judges are seeking a widely available product or service that has a proven track record of preventing cyber attack and infiltration to corporate or consumers’ systems. Entries must be available to a range of businesses or consumers as a standalone product or package. Enter here
Winner: Barclaycard

21. Cloud Product of the Year
For cloud-based solutions, whether storage or platforms, provision or services. This is an open category for consumer or corporate solutions, or those that appeal to either market. Examples range from webmail and file sharing to complex and specialised programmes hosted on the cloud. Enter here
2020 winner: N2WS

22. Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year
This category is for products that are game-changers for the corporate world and can claim to be capable of creating a major impact on the way that enterprises do business. These may be evolutions or wholly new ideas, but they must have a definite corporate application. Enter here
2020 winner: H Robotics

23. Consumer Product of the Year
This award recognises consumer-focussed products that harness technology to create major new goods or services – examples could be streaming, gaming, automotive technology, smart devices or mobile communications. Enter here
2020 winner: Ubamarket

24. Virtual or Augmented Reality Product of the Year
Virtual and augmented reality are new frontiers – the uses of which include, but can go well beyond, gaming and into retail, medicine and manufacturing. This is a category to herald the expansion of this versatile new technology and demonstrate its practical uses. Enter here
2020 winner: VIKA Books

25. Digital Transformation of the Year
This award recognises the most effective project to integrate disparate systems or update legacy technology. Projects involving moves into the cloud, post-deal integrations, digitisation efforts or partnerships and collaborations, are all eligible. Nominations may be for a single project or an overall strategy. The winning entry will be able to demonstrate how technology has brought cost benefits, improved internal processes and generated new opportunities. Enter here
2020 winner: Dixons x Greenwood Campbell

Sector specific solutions

26. Blockchain Innovation of the Year
Blockchain has been one of the most significant emerging technologies of recent years, with use cases now being explored across a range of sectors. This award will recognise an initiative or project (which may still be in pilot stage) that is utilising distributed ledger technology to increase speed, efficiency, accuracy, security or cost-effectiveness. Enter here
2020 winner: BT

27. Healthcare Tech of the Year
Advances in technology have contributed to seismic changes in the healthcare sector, including helping to boost life expectancies, cure or treat diseases or use data to track health and treatment, thereby improving outcomes for patients. This category rewards technologies which have made a real impact, no matter how large or small, to people’s lives. Enter here
2020 winner: Dorset Creative

28. Transport and Logistics Tech of the Year
Delivery drones, smart telematics, driverless cars, electric vehicles and ticketless barriers are all part of the modern transport infrastructure. This category rewards the most compelling technologies that herald a change in the way that people and goods can safely be conveyed over distance. Enter here

29. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Tech of the Year
Technology has had a major impact on how things are made, from robotics to 3D printing. This category seeks to shine a spotlight on the technologies that have helped create more efficient or complex manufacturing processes – in every part of the supply chain, from development to production, delivery to storage. Enter here

30. Telecoms Project of the Year
Be it projects preparing for the imminent 5G network rollout, or using technology to maintain the UK’s telecommunication infrastructure, the judges are looking for work in this sector that’s ultimately benefitting consumer connectivity. Projects must be recent, tech-driven and accompanied by demonstrable evidence of success. Enter here
2020 winner: Digital Detox

31. Financial Tech of the Year
The technologies that drive finance and payments are revolutionising trading and consumer banking products – from shopkeeper to savers, international finance to home insurance and digital banking to personal finance management. This category seeks to reward technology that is making finance easier and more efficient for all. Enter here
2020 winner: Seedrs

32. Retail Tech of the Year
From interactive in-store signage to mobile shopping, the ways in which shoppers can research products and purchase goods is changing. In this diverse category, the emphasis will be on how the technology can help retailers and consumers create a better, more efficient relationship. Enter here
2020 winner: Tribe

33. Energy and Utilities Project of the Year
Supplying the UK with water and power is no mean feat, but in recent years technological innovation has been making it a lot easier and more efficient. This category rewards those providers which are innovating processes or services using tech in order to lower costs, improve security and keep on top of maintenance. Enter here
2020 winner: Octopus Energy

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